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Duke Manufacturing – Product Interface Design

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Case Study

Product Interface Design

Developing and Launching Duke Visor's New Software Interface

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Duke Manufacturing – Product Interface Design

A new food production management system brings the Internet of Things to the food service industry by outfitting food holding and cooking equipment with software that predicts production needs in real-time. The Duke Visor name, logo and brand identity system builds on an established brand. The product’s user interface allows for universal understanding for the end users, the restaurant owners and the Duke sales force alike.

About the Client

Duke Manufacturing provides food service, preparation and holding solutions for institutions and quick serve restaurants across the globe. The new Duke Visor product was piloted within dozens of large fast food chain franchises prior to rollout to the broader network of restaurants in their portfolio.


Develop a universally understood software user interface and support the product launch.



Extend the Duke brand and position the company as an innovator in the food service industry. Create a universally understood user interface that features a proprietary catalogue of explanatory iconography.


A new product name leverages the Duke name and the new logo incorporates “wi-fi” symbolism to convey the digital connectivity of the products. Within the software a universal iconography system was developed to maximize recognition and understanding by restaurant staff regardless of how fast they are moving or what language they speak. Infographics and animations for training programs, promotional videos and support materials help ensure that those purchasing, using and selling the product can quickly grasp its benefits and proper usage.