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Emerson – 2013 Annual Report

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Emerson – 2013 Annual Report

In 2013, Emerson launched their Perfect Execution initiative designed to foster better understanding of customers, build a more collaborative culture and exceed customer expectations. Obata communicated the functions and values of Perfect Execution in the company’s annual report by creating employee profiles featuring portraits and testimonials that bring the concept to life. These profiles were featured in the print annual report and on the report’s corresponding website.


About the Client

Emerson is a Fortune 500 global manufacturing and technology company providing solutions for a wide range of industrial and residential markets. For over 60 years, Emerson has chosen Obata to produce the company’s annual report, and various marketing and corporate communications materials.


Introduce the Perfect Execution initiative and communicate Emerson’s successes to the investor audience through the annual report.


Utilize a two-tiered approach to first introduce the world to Perfect Execution through high-potential employees and then to support the ideas through real-world projects in process.


A narrative around Perfect Execution helped investors and analysts understand how this continuous-improvement strategy would impact profitability.

Obata coordinated six video and photo shoots at Emerson facilities in Europe and the U.S. to create video vignettes of program ambassadors explaining their respective projects.