Engage Employees with Effective Communication

Proven Communication Tactics to Update and Inform Employees

Employees are an invaluable asset to any company, and strong employee communication is more critical now than ever before. During times of crisis or uncertainty, it’s important that employees stay informed and up-to-date. A company or organization’s response to difficult challenges can have a significant impact on its reputation within its workforce.

Over the years, Obata has helped clients navigate through challenging periods with consistent, transparent, and ongoing employee and stakeholder communications. When it comes to large, diverse employee populations, an omni-channel approach is critical. Here are a few of the ways we’ve helped our clients stay connected with their global workforce:

Video Messages

Consistent and periodic video updates are a great way to keep employees engaged and updated on company news and information. Whether it’s from the company’s CEO or a member of the management team, video offers an opportunity for employees to hear a timely message firsthand.

Employee Video Message

Email Communication

We understand that email communication with employees can be challenging, especially on a regional, national or even global scale. The right template, messaging, timing, and cadence must all be carefully considered. And of course, emails coming from the right person with the right subject line can be the difference between an email being opened or ignored.

Employee emails

Company Newsletters / Publications

Newsletters remain a great tool for employee information sharing. They can help reinforce a company’s brand as a printed publication, PDF, intranet/microsite, or email newsletter. 

employee newsletters

Corporate Reports

Corporate reports are a great way to organize and present important company information, data, strategies, and recent updates to employees and other stakeholders on a regular basis. Obata has over 60 years of experience in corporate reporting, including: annual reports, ESG reports, community reports, proxy statements, sustainability reports, and more. See examples and learn more about the value and effectiveness of smart reporting.

corporate reports