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Obata is a St. Louis brand identity agency that creates branding solutions for corporations, businesses, products, employee programs and special events.

There are many reasons why businesses invest in a new brand or identity. Some of these reasons include: new company, new product; name change, revitalizing a brand or identity, create an integrated system or when companies merge or divest. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses overcome many of these branding hurdles.

Obata provides brand services for both businesses building a brand identity from the ground up or rebranding established businesses. Our services help you develop your core messaging or simply find a better way to communicate your core messaging and company values.

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Our branding and rebranding services include:

Brand research. Discovery sessions are conducted to gather requirements, brainstorm, gain clarity, and understand the purpose behind what you do.

  • Workshops – We conduct discovery workshops to build consensus and vary depending on brand needs. Typical workshops can include one or more of the following: help you determine your brands key attributes, develop key brand positioning and supporting messages or name a brand or product.
  • Competitor analysis – We conduct a high-level analysis of competitors or benchmark brands in the areas of brand identity, digital presence, and more. This important exercise identifies areas of opportunity and key differentiators for positioning your business effectively.

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Brand strategy. The need for brand strategy is not limited to Fortune 500 companies or for-profit companies. Any company or institution that is growing needs to develop a brand strategy that will support future growth. We help develop and formalize the core foundational elements of your brand. 

  • Brand positioning and messaging — We work with your team through a series of workshops and other discovery strategies to help define and capture your brand attributes, personality and positioning that distinguishes your company from its competitors. Typical outcomes lead to an elevator pitch and/or tagline that captures your brand essence. In short, it makes it easier for your sales force to sell more, provides clarity, context and inspires your employees.
  • Naming — The wrong name for a company, product or service can hinder marketing efforts through miscommunication or your people cannot pronounce it or remember it. Through our creative, disciplined and strategic approach, we can help you find the right name that connects with the people you want to reach.
  • Brand architecture — Our team can help you determine the best brand architecture system to help your company grow and market more efficiently.

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Logo design and implementation. We follow five principles of effective logo design: keep it simple, distinctive, timeless, versatile and appropriate.

  • Logo and visual identity: We create and provide logo variations for print and digital platforms. 
  • Brand guidelines for design, style and tone: It’s important to bring consistency, visual and verbal order, thought and intention to your brand. We formulate guidelines to ensure that your branding is used consistently throughout all communications moving forward. They become the implementation backbone of your brand.
  • Brand implementation: We integrate our other services — marketing communicationsdigital and websites, video and photo — to maximize your brand’s launch awareness, reach, and engagement.
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Client testimonial

Our brand evolution positions CNB St. Louis Bank to deliver another 100 years of growth and support for the St. Louis community.

Tim Rodden – CNB St. Louis Bank President

Obata has a long history of building brands. 

Our brand and identity experience in corporate and product branding dates back to our founding. Obata developed branding for a number of St. Louis companies: Anheuser-Busch iconic beverage products, such as Busch Bavarian, Michelob, O’Doul’s and others; Earthgrains bread products, such as Iron Kids; Eagle Snacks product line and Emerson.

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