Sustainability Reporting

Obata brings decades of experience to the ESG reporting process.

ESG positioning is more important than ever, yet few companies can afford dedicated, multi-person sustainability teams to complete ESG Reports, sort through reporting frameworks, complete myriad surveys, and deliver compelling stakeholder-specific ESG narratives. Obata brings over two decades of experience to the ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting process.

Maximize Content Retention
Increase ESG Ratings
Improve Stakeholder Engagement

ESG is driving everything

Investors are seeking highly-rated ESG companies
Talented employees are searching for the most responsible companies
Regulators Reporting frameworks continue to multiply
The public voice in ‘Social License to Operate’ is getting louder every day
Informed companies demand ESG-related data from their supply chains and partners
Activists are working hard to accelerate global change

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Well-designed reporting drives audience engagement

Learn more about Smart Sustainability in a Resource-Constrained Age

Client Testimonial

Obata did a great job with our sustainability report. Their near-perfect accuracy, timeliness and flexibility are instrumental.

Director of Sustainability with a major U.S. electric company


A Strategy for the Future

Going digital provides a comprehensive, interactive tool for the company’s inaugural ESG report.

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