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Obata is a St. Louis-based photography and video studio that specializes in people and locations around the world covering assignments in both still and video. We help businesses tell their brand story and build their brand image through stunning digital imagery by shooting original photography and video content.

We bring more than 40 years of experience to our video and photography planning, pre-production and post-production services. Over those years, we’ve captured video footage and photographic images both in-studio and on location from assignments in more than 35 countries across 5 continents. We adopted and embraced digital imaging technology from its beginning and continually invest in new technology as it advances.

Obata creates and curates brand image libraries

What is a brand image library?

We shoot both video b-roll footage and still images on most assignments. These ownable images build your company’s brand image assets. They become the components of your brand library.

What’s the benefit of a brand image library?

We believe that image authenticity, relevancy, and ownership are important benefits over generic stock photography and video footage. Whether shooting video and photographic images within our studio or on location, we make your images real, unique and ownable. You can then use these image assets across various corporate and marketing communications enabling you to maximize your social and digital marketing reach — and more importantly, your budget.

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Decades of experience across a number of industries

For each assignment we work with our clients to build a shot list and agenda, schedule, scout locations, and work through resource and travel logistics. Our goal is to limit any surprises prior to shooting whether on location or in studio. However, when the unexpected takes place, our team responds accordingly delivering the best possible results every time.

We typically shoot both digital photography and video b-roll footage for most assignments. In addition, we can record audio on location or in our audio recording session room. We have built a reputation for creating stunning digital images for a broad range of studio and location photography assignments.

Broad assignment experience:

  • Corporate photography
  • Executive and employee portraiture
  • ESG photography
  • Annual report photography
  • Marketing photography
  • Drone photography
  • Brand image libraries

Industry experience:

  • Professional services
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Technology
  • Consumer products

View our video reel and photography portfolio below.

Safety is always our first priority

During our planning and pre-production process, we work with clients to identity potential situations that may require additional safety precautions or on-site training. When on location, we also apply situational awareness gained through years of experience. When shooting aerial video footage and photography with our drone, we adhere to FAA guidelines.

Our video and photography services

Video and photography planning and pre-production:

  • Planning. Outline shot list, scheduling, resource and travel logistics
  • Talent review and casting. Many of our assignments feature client employees, customers and/or suppliers. When outside talent is required, we work to find the best fit.
  • Video mood board and story board development. We develop mood boards to represent images, materials, pieces of text, graphics, intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. In short, a visual representation of what the aesthetic look and tone of the video would be. Separately, we develop storyboards to graphically represent how your video will unfold. We use a number of pictures representing each shot, with notes about what’s being said in the script during that shot.
  • Script writing and interview guidance. Scripts for video narration are edited for tone and timing, with consideration of how they work with images and graphics. Interview goals must be clear, and interview subjects need to be prepared, but not coached.

Video and photography production:

  • Image capture. We shoot ultra-high resolution images and video b‑roll footage to provide the highest-quality and most versatile range of image applications from social media to large display prints.
  • Audio recording sessions. We can record audio on location or in our audio recording room. We provide transcriptions for review, then do an audio edit for final review, prior to our final audio polish. We have teleprompters to help with interviews, or speeches, as needed.

Video and photography post-production:

  • Digital image processing. After images are shot, we then import and process them for analysis and further manipulation. Image files are catalogued and archived on our storage server.
  • Image optimization. We deliver high-quality images in the right format, dimension and resolution for print and web applications.
  • Photo illustration and retouching. Our digital artists are skilled at photo retouching, image assembly, photo illustration, and 3D modeling.
  • Image asset storage. We offer safe and redundant storage and off‑site backup of all image assets.

Motion graphics and animation

Motion graphics and animation are a unique way to communicate with your audience. We blend the best of visual communication with motion storytelling and audio to create engaging content that helps share your brand story, reach people in different ways, and present your message in a compelling package. Our motion graphics have been used for a variety of multimedia assignments including learning, marketing, spreading social awareness and training.

Drone video and photography

We are FAA 107 licensed and are fully insured. Our FAA-certified drone operators safely capture aerial footage that produces stunning visuals from a unique and dynamic perspective.

We also provide other creative services

To build your brand’s trust, engagement, and reach, we integrate our video and photo services with our other services — corporate communications, marketing communicationsdigital and websites, and brand and identity

Contact us to view a photo or video portfolio more specific to your assignment needs.

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