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Fully realizing business goals always leads to real transformation and greater value in the end.

How do you change the mindset of an entire industry? Well, you show them exactly what they’re missing.


Obata helped The Audit Group (TAG) reach customers through improved messaging and communications that emphasized the value of their services. TAG was viewed solely as an audit recovery firm, but they had a lot more to offer. TAG’s processes often uncover opportunities beyond audit recovery that can save their client’s both time and money. Obata helped educate customers on TAG’s additional services beyond the recovery process.

TAG logo

Everyone thinks of TAG as a recovery audit group, but they offer so much more… Recovery audit is no longer enough and they can prove it.

Messaging Development

Analyze. Recover. Optimize.

Net-Zero Recovery Optimization.

Recovery audit is no longer enough.

Going Beyond Recovery.

Final Messaging

Beyond Recovery

Optimization through deep analytics, expert insight, and operational & organizational transformation.


After initial conversations, a business analysis and competitor research, Obata developed a new positioning statement and messaging platform to help customers see the true potential of TAG’s services. Obata also updated the company’s brand with a new logo, homepage design and sales collateral to reinforce the new messaging and illustrate TAG’s value.

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Existing Logotype

Existing TAG logo



TAG logo concepts

Connecting the dots from recovery audit to business transformation.

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Front and back of customer brochure

Customer Leave Behind

Client Testimonial

Thanks to Obata, our clients now understand the true value we provide.

Bruce Kellerman

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, The Audit Group

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