Smart Reporting

When it comes to corporate reporting, traditional print methods have their limitations. Interactive reporting is a smart way to extend your reach and increase engagement with your audience.

Innovation and creativity remain essential ingredients in our collaboration for annual and sustainability reporting. In addition to exceptional print work, Obata has helped clients increase their message exposure to a broader global audience through interactive digital experiences, such as interactive PDFs, microsites, company webpages, and content sharing across a variety of social channels.

For example, only 20% of the S&P 500 companies published sustainability reports in 2011. By 2019, more than 90% of the them published reports. This dramatic increase reflects how sustainability reporting is increasingly seen as a way for companies and their stakeholders to see a changing world more clearly and create long-term value. Most of these reports were published as interactive reports, because it was more sustainable and economic solution. 

Below are a few examples of interactive reports:

1. Interactive PDFs

PDFs are some of the most versatile and portable formats for reporting. They can be created in a variety of formats to make it easy to print, email, and post on a website or social media platform. Dynamic PDF files can also deliver engagement with interactive components, such as: page navigation, clickable table of contents, internal and external links, video, animation, and much more. And PDFs can be produced with accessibility standards in mind to ensure access and usability by all audiences.

2. Microsites

Microsites offer immersive user experiences focused on specific topics.  These brand-specific websites are a great way to promote individual events, corporate reports or campaigns. Microsites can be anything from a single landing page to a series of pages focused on information sharing or story telling. They are typically hosted on their own domain or a company’s subdomain and have a different URL than their company websites to further customize the experience.

Emerson Annual Report

3. Company Webpages

In some instances, using the framework of an existing company website can offer the best experience for audiences. Since an established website provides familiarity, users feel comfortable navigating to unique campaign or report pages to find what they’re looking for. While a company websites can provide a logical home for communications, such as annual reports, sustainability reports, strategic campaigns and the like, it’s important to set this content apart with a unique and consistent template that fits the content at hand.

Doe Run SR

4. Social Media Content Sharing

Leveraging social channels is another important step in raising awareness for a specific report or campaign. Social media can be used to sprinkle content throughout a report or campaign lifecycle or as a one-time promotion to drive traffic to a website or interactive report. Social media is a great tool that should not be overlooked as part of a holistic campaign.

Social Media Posts