ESG & Sustainability Reporting

Obata has successfully lead clients through their inaugural ESG and sustainability reports as well as their subsequent reports. Our ESG and sustainability report design services help clients position and convey their sustainability approach, accomplishments and aspirations with greater impact and transparency.

Sustainability reporting and disclosure on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues continues to evolve and grow. And ESG positioning and reporting is more important than ever.

Obata also helps clients increase their ESG message exposure to a broader global audience through interactive digital experiences, such as interactive PDFs, microsites, company webpages, and content sharing across a variety of social channels. Read how sharing your ESG report in multiple ways will improve your stakeholder engagement and reach.

Well-crafted ESG reports can positively impact your ESG ratings.

For example, a consumer goods client has improved their ESG rankings by almost 50% within Newsweek’s America’s Most Responsible Companies over the last three years.

Our ESG & Sustainability Reporting Capabilities

In 2022, we designed our 50th ESG and Sustainability Report. Additionally, our leadership is trained and certified in ESG fundamentals and disclosure by CFI. Our capabilities include:

  • Report Planning, Positioning & Content Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ESG, and Sustainability Report Design
  • Digital Reports and Interactive PDFs
  • Microsites, Websites, and Landing Pages
  • Corporate Responsibility Highlights and Factsheets
  • Downloadable Data Sheets
  • Investor Presentations

The 7-Step ESG Reporting Process:
The Science and Art of Developing Your ESG Report or Sustainability Report.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you also for the beautiful design, attention to detail, and for including a gazillion links within and outside of the file. I think it looks really great and is an excellent one-stop-shop for all things ESG. So glad to have Obata as our go-to partner!

Director of Corporate Communications with a Fortune 500 Company

Fortune Brands 2021 ESG Report

Recent ESG & Sustainability Report examples

Continuous ESG reporting improvement leads to a new approach for this consumer goods company.

Digital ESG report increased stakeholder awareness and understanding of the company’s ESG efforts.

Designing an Inaugural Sustainability Report for Investment Firm


Our sustainability report design and production services

  • Benchmarking — To inform and enlighten decision making, we can conduct formal or informal peer research audits to report on visual and content trends.
  • Theme and concept development — We start by working with you to understand and clarify your company’s communications objectives, resulting in positioning that leads your audience to better understand and embrace your ESG value proposition.
  • Copywriting: We will work with you to outline content, including stories and examples of ESG efforts within your organization. This may include interviews or discussions that are consolidated in a text draft, offering details related to the data and ESG initiatives within your firm. 
  • Design development — Our creative work begins with content planning through pagination plans, then we prototype a range of concepts as catalysts to engage dialogue with your team and build consensus. Input and insights gained through this process, influence design refinement, ultimately honing in on a final solution in a comprehensive paginated layout.
  • Typesetting and proofreading — We typeset your report, then provide PDF proofs for your review. We also provide proofreading services.
  • Data visualization and infographics — Infographics are a great way to communicate complex ideas, services and products. Read how to leverage the power of your infographics.
  • Photography and retouching — With more than four decades of location photography experience, we’ve helped many companies build image libraries to tell their unique story through stunning digital photography.
  • Online solutions — Many companies are moving to online reporting. Obata provides website design and implementation. We have produced standalone sustainability and ESG microsites, website landing pages, as well as ESG reports integrated into a company’s website.
  • Printing coordination and supervision — While most reports we produce today are interactive PDFs, occasionally we provide printing coordination and supervision to ensure reproduction quality and fidelity for printed reports. We are print experts.
  • Interactive PDF — We provide dynamic interactive PDF reports to post to your website. These reports deliver engagement with interactive components similar to a website.

Companies we have produced CSR, Sustainability or ESG Reports

  • Ameren
  • Champlain Investment Partners
  • Doe Run Companies
  • Duke Energy
  • ESCO Technologies
  • Fortune Brands
  • Peabody
  • U.S. Well Services

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