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Emerson – 2017 Annual Report

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Corporate Communications

Emerson: Highlighting the Company's Values and Performance

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August 21, 2018
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August 23, 2018

Emerson – 2017 Annual Report

In 2017, Emerson set a course to concentrate on the most complex and important challenges facing the world in their key markets. This annual report highlights the value of Emerson employees through their passion for success in solving some of these complex challenges.

About the Client

Emerson is a Fortune 500 global manufacturing and technology company providing solutions for a wide range of industrial and residential markets. For over 60 years, Emerson has chosen Obata to produce the company’s annual report and various marketing and corporate communications materials.


Introduce the company as One Emerson.


Concentrate on the most critical and complex challenges facing the world in the automation and commercial and residential markets and highlight Emerson’s solutions and approach for addressing these challenges.


  • Coordinated six video and photo shoots at Emerson facilities in China and the U.S. to create video vignettes of program leaders and their teams.
  • Developed an innovative online report experience to tell the Emerson story through text, animation and video content.
  • Produced a traditional print and PDF version of the report for distribution to key company stakeholders.


Received recognition as award-winning report in both print and digital formats:

  • LACP Gold in Industry – print
  • LACP Silver in Industry – digital