Maximize the Quality of Smartphone-Captured Photography

Quick Tips / May 3, 2024

By Rich Murphy

We’ve all come across low-resolution images in sustainability reports at some point; sometimes it’s all you have. This particular image serves as a clear illustration of the difference. The image on the left was sent via email as a “small” image (demonstrating the potential consequences of texting an image), while the image on the right was sent in its original size.

These Simple Tips can Help you Maximize the Quality of those Images

1. Use Current Smartphones

Current smartphones offer superior camera technology over older hardware and will help render a much better photograph without much effort.

2. Check Your Settings

Take the time to check your cameral settings and make sure you have them set to capture the highest resolution image and avoid capturing “Live” images for publishing in reports.

3. Avoid Texting Images

Never text images that are intended for publishing. Texted images are usually scaled down automatically to save bandwidth in transmission.

4. Send Images via email or direct transfer and Choose the Highest Resolution Alternative

Emailing images normally allows you to choose the image size that you wish to attach. Always choose the highest resolution version.