Photo Illustration & Retouching

Guides / January 12, 2021

OBATA skilled digital artists retouching example

What happens when the reality doesn’t fit the objective? Captured images are often only the beginning of the photography process. Images need to be digitally composed to convey the right story.

When the required picture does not exist, skillful digital artists compose and retouch the image to bring authenticity and believability. 

An experienced photographer is needed to ensure success. They must match optics, lighting, resolution, and shot angles for each asset. This ensures that the components come together in agreement and make sense to the viewer.

Obata has more than 70 years of photographic expertise and we’ve been immersed in digital art since the technology was first introduced.

Digital composition examples

Our digital artists have solved some of the photo retouching and photo illustration challenges we face daily. Here are a few examples.

Executives and board members are not always be available at the same time

Advanced planning was necessary to compose the executive photo (right). It was assembled from four different images. One executive was photographed separately and added in later.

digital composition example

Conveying the right story

The image below (left) is the original image as shot by our photographer. It has been retouched and enhanced to include wall and desktop screens. These screens were not available when the original image was taken. The final photo composition tells the story the client intended believably.

digital composition and image retouching

Not the right environment

This example shows how camera optics, angle, and lighting were matched in a studio setting. This makes the executive appear to have been recorded in the real environment.

photo illustration example

Need help retouching and composing images for your specific needs?

We can make it look authentic and believable.