Photo Illustration & Retouching

What happens when the reality doesn’t fit the objective? Captured photography is often only the beginning of a process to create an image that conveys the right message.

When the required shot does not exist skillful digital artists build the image with authenticity and believability.  In order to to do this well, an experienced photographer needs to be involved in order to match optics, lighting, resolution, and shot angles on each asset so that the components come together in agreement and make visual sense to the viewer.

Obata has more than 70 years of photographic expertise and we’ve been immersed in digital art since the technology was first introduced. The following examples demonstrate how our skilled digital artists have solved some of the photo retouching and photo illustration challenges we face everyday.

Photo retouching

This executive photo was assembled from four different takes with the addition of one participant added later…

Emerson directors

The image below was enhanced with screens not yet available on the systems shown along with the addition of one participant, retouching of others, and the added photo illustration supporting the concept.

Emerson iOps photo retouching

These examples illustrate studio-matched camera optics, angle, and lighting to place the executives in locations around the world making them appear to have been captured in their respective environments.

Emerson executive-01
Emerson executive-02