Naming and Branding for Employee Communications App

Branding & Identity Design

OBATA helped Fortune Brands drive employees’ adoption of the new app called “Connect” to help bring employees together, strengthening the company’s culture


Fortune Brands


Employee Communications App Branding


  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • App Launch Materials
  • App Support Materials

To provide employees — associates — with timely and relevant content from across the organization, Fortune Brands deployed a mobile communications app to help drive opportunities for two-way engagement with associates as well as metrics to measure the level of engagement.

Fortune Brands engaged the team at Obata to not only name the app, but also provide support materials to encourage associates to download and take advantage of its numerous benefits.

Fortune Brands Home & Security is a leading home and security products company built on industry-leading brands and innovative cabinetry, plumbing, door and security products.

Two phase approach

Naming, identity development and creating campaign assets were our first steps prior to the app’s launch.


App Naming

Develop a timeless and memorable name that could work across a global workforce.

App Logo

Create a brand identity for the app that was simple, distinctive, appropriate, and versatile.

Support Materials

Create a variety of communication support materials for FB communication team to drive app awareness, education and adoption.


Build Awareness

Build awareness and education of the app’s purpose within the company’s U.S. employee workforce.

Spur Adoption

Incentivize associates to download the app, initiate and start engagement with the company’s content.

Engage Associates

Reach associates with timely, targeted information about their location and the business.


  • Explore naming approaches — the strongest and most relevant naming opportunities were descriptive and literal of the app’s capability
  • Develop communication materials and templates to help the company create awareness and educate employees about the app’s purpose and benefits and promote ongoing engagement with the app


  • First, we visually explored several name and app icon options and collaboratively distilled options down to two distinct names and identities. After internal A/B testing, “Connect” resonated best with employee representative teams.
  • Working closely with FBHS’ communications team, Obata then created identity reproduction assets and campaign support materials to dovetail with the company’s communication launch strategy and schedule.
  • Communication materials included banners, flyers, posters, postcards, table tent cards, stickers, TV slides, and giveaways such as pens and t-shirts.


“After the first 18 months of launching Connect: More than 5,000 associates, or a quarter of all targeted associates, have Connect.”

Director of Communications


Fortune Brands’ associates appreciate getting information when and where they want, and the added visibility to the broader Company enables them to connect their work to our purpose.

The Connect app generates real-time, two-way feedback by allowing associates to voice feedback through comments and polls.

After the first 18 months of launching Connect:

  • More than 5,000 associates, or a quarter of all targeted associates, have Connect
  • 70% of our users are manufacturing or remote workers
  • There were nearly 600 Super Users — people who visit the app nearly every single day to get the latest FBHS information.

Through the Connect app, Fortune Brands is able to:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate safety milestones, as well as post reminders about safety and cybersafety practices
  • Highlight volunteerism and community partnerships
  • Recognize team and individual achievements
  • Encourage associates to take advantage of our many company‑sponsored benefits and financial health programs
  • Share business results and announcements


“Connect allows us to reach associates — including the traditionally hard‑to‑reach associates in our manufacturing and distribution centers — with timely, targeted information about their location and the business.”

Director of Communications