Hendrich II Fall Risk Model: Rebranding

Rebranding campaign falls into place

Determining the best approach to rebrand and launch a proven fall risk program.

1 in 4 older adults fall each year & with the aging population this has become an increasingly important topic in healthcare.
We helped educate audiences through interactive tools and expand into new audiences affected by patient falls.


As generations are living longer, injurious falls are affecting senior populations more than ever, and the average cost for a fall injury is over $30,000 for a healthcare system. The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model is a proven solution to reduce injurious falls in healthcare facilities. Obata partnered with Hendrich II Fall Risk Model to promote the brand and increase customer engagement.

Improve Quality of Care Reduce Injurious Falls

“As generations are living longer, it’s important to understand the magnitude of how injurious falls are affecting senior populations.”

Hendrich Powerpoint Template

While the Hendrich name is known within the industry, Obata helped to rebrand Hendrich II Fall Risk Model to make a greater impact and differentiate from competitor models through color, imagery and messaging. Obata produced a variety of brand assets, developed a new website, and executed a digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website and generate more sales leads.

Obata Behind the Scenes

Promoting the vital tools and resources to reduce injurious falls in clinical environments.

Hendrich II Mobile

The Hendrich II Fall Risk Model was promoted through a multi-channel approach consisting of Google ads, display ads, print ads, targeted emails and printed collateral. This combination of marketing materials helped increase brand exposure among a variety of audience demographics.

Website Traffic Increase
Mobile Usage
HII Sell Sheet

Customer Sell Sheet

Rethinking an existing brand can be a valuable investment.
Many times a fresh perspective can make all the difference.