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Emerson Hermetic Motor – Mission, Vision, and Values


Case Study

Employee Communications

Engaging Emerson Hermetic Motor to Re-invent its Mission, Vision, and Values

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February 23, 2016
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July 27, 2016

Emerson Hermetic Motor – Mission, Vision, and Values

Emerson Hermetic Motor (EHM) came to Obata for a creative refit of their Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV). During our discovery, we found that the language was dated and out of sync with company strategy and convinced EHM to completely rewrite the MVV with employee engagement driven by company strategy.



About the Client

Emerson Hermetic Motor, a division of Emerson, serves only other Emerson divisions. However, EHM faces competition from outside suppliers to those same divisions.


Our goals were to focus the group on its core principles in order to drive the company forward. A rewrite of the group’s mission, vision, and values was needed to clarify and simplify the message so the entire group could understand and follow its principles.


Engage the EHM team in the process so we might improve buy-in and engagement and, in the end, show them that they were heard.


EHM team members attended a workshop session and listed company attributes in Mission, Vision, Value categories. The attributes were analyzed and simplified and Mission, Vision, and Values were rewritten using the inputs from the team. In order to illustrate that team members were heard, an interactive PDF was used to show the taxonomy of key phrasing within the final statements.