Corporate Reporting

OBATA is a trusted expert in planning, content development, and design for corporate reporting and communications. We specialize in ESG, sustainability, annual reports and proxy statements.

Our corporate reports and communications aim to maximize understanding, strategic engagement and brand alignment. Trust us to deliver high-quality writing and design services that cater to your unique needs.

Elevate Your Corporate Reporting Design

Our design experts can help you amplify your company story and define what sets your company apart.

Our process framework is customized to meet your objectives as well as the stringent timelines often associated with corporate reporting.

Multi-channel Design Strategy

Our team approaches design using a multi-channel design strategy. Why? Because this approach allows messaging and visuals to be repurposed in multiple ways. These ways include investor presentations and events, video reports, your website or microsites and social media.

Farmer Brothers 2022 Sustainability Report design
sustainability report website example
TravelCenters of America 2021 ESG Report example
CIP 2021 sustainability report example
Duke Energy sustainability report
sustainability report print and online example
Emerson 2020 annual report example
Fortune Brands annual report example
ESCO Technologies 2023 Proxy Statement example
TFT foundation report example

Reporting Capabilities

Our core strength is helping companies with their corporate reporting to stakeholders. We help clients organize their content to create reports that are visually appealing and easy to follow.

Our Corporate Reporting Capabilities Include:

  • Report Planning, Positioning & Content
  • ESG Reports
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
  • Integrated Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Proxy Design
  • Investor & ESG Fact Sheets
  • ESG & Sustainability Highlights
  • Digital & Interactive PDFs
  • Microsites & Website Landing Pages
  • Investor Presentations
  • Photography & Video
  • Social Marketing

ESG Reporting

OBATA designs and produces ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reports for several companies that follow ESG frameworks such as the Global Report Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) as well as other frameworks.

Reporting and disclosure on ESG reporting continue to evolve and grow. With the emphasis companies are now placing on corporate social governance, your ESG positioning and reporting are more important than ever.

ESG Report Design

OBATA assists you in telling your distinctive ESG story by offering guidance in direction, writing, design and production.

Our team helps you to share your environmental, social and governance message with a wider global audience. We create custom digital experiences, like interactive PDFs, microsites, webpages and content to be shared on social media.

We have also helped new clients with their inaugural ESG report. In these instances, having our leadership trained and certified in ESG fundamentals and disclosures by the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) has been particularly helpful to our clients.

Whether new or experienced in ESG reporting, partner with us to focus on making your business sustainable, while we take care of the reporting process.

View our ESG report portfolio


“Thank you also for the beautiful design and attention to detail. I think it looks really great and is an excellent one-stop shop for all things ESG. So glad to have OBATA as our go-to partner!”

Director of Corporate Communications with a Fortune 500 Company


Fortune Brands ESG Report example

Communicating Continuous ESG Reporting Improvement

Read how Fortune Brands continuously improves its ESG reporting.

esg reporting hub graphic


Improve your ESG or Sustainability Report

OBATA has assembled a resource hub to guide you in the planning, design, and development of your company’s next (or first) ESG or sustainability report.

View our ESG & Sustainability Design Resource Hub

Sustainability Reporting


sustainability report website example

Crafting an Online and Interactive PDF Sustainability Report for a Petrochemical Leader

Learn about Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Sustainability Report

OBATA designs sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports. For more than 20 years, our team has worked on numerous sustainability report projects, each with its unique challenges.

Sustainability reports have the potential to exceed the usual reporting standards and frameworks. They serve as a platform to convey your company’s mission and vision to your audience.

Communication is a key factor in the success of any business, and the first step towards this is deciding the story that you want to tell. The primary purpose of any report is to share your brand’s unique narrative, and we collaborate with you to achieve this goal.

Sustainability Report Design

Our team assists you in telling your brand’s distinctive story by offering guidance in direction, writing, design, and production.

They have led, designed, and published the very first sustainability report or inaugural sustainability report for multiple national and global public and private companies.

Our proven process framework has helped companies share the positive impacts their sustainability efforts have had on employees, local communities, and the world.

We produce digital PDF reports for each of our clients. Additionally, we can create sustainability report microsites, or we can integrate the report into a corporate website.

Whether new or experienced in sustainability reporting, partner with us to focus on making your business sustainable, while we take care of the reporting process.

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“Our Sustainability Report is outstanding! We can’t thank you enough for all the strategic guidance and creative work that you and the team provided over the past few months.”

Champlain Investment Partners – Senior Associate, Director of Finance & Human Capital Management

Annual Reporting & Proxy Design

OBATA is an experienced and recognized expert in annual report design and production. We created our first corporate annual report in 1956. The following year, we won a Gold Award from the St. Louis Art Directors Club.

We have designed and produced more than 250 annual reports since then. We have also won many awards in the process.

Annual Report Design

Our annual report services help clients share their vision and results with clarity, creativity and impact. We start by helping clients distill their key messages then we visualize their story to maximize engagement and understanding.

View our annual report portfolio

Proxy Design

Our Proxy design services create statements that drive shareholder engagement. Our design experts can help you amplify your company story and define what sets your company apart. ​

We provide personalized, customized, and branded shareholder documents in either printed or digital interactive proxy format.

Our Annual Report Experience Includes:

Public Companies

  • 10-K Wrap Annual Reports
  • Traditional Annual Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Integrated Reports
  • Proxy Design

Private & Non-Profit Companies

  • Annual Reports
  • Community Reports
  • Foundation Reports


“This is such high quality and SWIFT work — what a treat to get to work with you!”

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Programs with a local foundation

Corporate Reporting Services

Our corporate reporting services provide you with critical thinking and sound design to meet your project’s unique requirements. Whether your project is print, digital, interactive, or any combination of these solutions, our team has it covered.

Reporting Design Services

The following services are the standard offering for each of our reporting projects.

  • Onboarding & Planning
  • Design Concepts & Development
  • Typesetting & Proofreading
  • Data Visualization & Graphics
  • Digital or Interactive PDF

Other Integrated Services

More often than not, our clients need more than just design services. Our firm offers the following additional services to meet your project’s custom needs.

  • Benchmarking
  • ESG Framework Strategy
  • Messaging, Copywriting & Editing
  • Webpage or Microsite Design & Development
  • Photography & Art Direction
  • Retouching & Optimization
  • Video, Scripting & Editing
  • Printing Coordination & Supervision

Our Corporate Reporting Experience

For more than 75 years, clients have relied on our counsel, approach, award-winning design, and production of their corporate communications programs to ensure the most effective and impactful delivery of these materials to their stakeholders.


Annual reports completed since 1956


ESG, sustainability, CSR or environmental reports completed


Annual, ESG, sustainability report microsites completed


Foundation & community reports completed

ESG Reports:
CTS Corporation
Duke Energy
ESCO Technologies
Fortune Brands Home & Security
Fortune Brands Innovations
TravelCenters of America
U.S. Well Services

Sustainability Reports:
B&G Foods
Champlain Investment Partners
Chevron Phillips Chemical
The Doe Run Company
Duke Energy
Farmer Brothers
L.E.K. Consulting
Microchip Technology
Peabody Energy
Renesas Electronics

Annual Reports:
ESCO Technologies
First State Bancshares
Fortune Brands
Gardner Denver
Jefferson Smurfit
Mercantile Bank
Patriot Coal
Peabody Energy
Prairie State Energy Campus

Community & Foundation Reports:
Ascension Health
Prairie State Energy Campus
Southside Day Nursery
St. Louis University High School
The Doe Run Company
Tracy Family Foundation