Corporate Communications

Obata is a trusted expert and valued resource in corporate communications design. We design and produce annual reports, sustainability reports, employee communications and other strategic communications that maximize understanding, engagement and build your brand.

For more than seven decades, clients have relied on our counsel, approach, design and production of their corporate communications programs to assure the most effective and impactful delivery of these materials to their stakeholders.

Our process framework provides a clear roadmap to effectively develop and deliver your message, design visual communications that stand out and reach your stakeholders as well as meet stringent timelines often associated with corporate reporting.

Obata specializes in the design and production of annual reports, sustainability reports, websites, branding, corporate brochures, along with visual presentations, infographics and other corporate collateral materials. Whether print or digital platforms are needed, our team will create custom designs that effectively deliver your message.

Areas where we specialize:

Annual Reporting

Whether your company is delivering financial information only, adding a high-impact marketing message or creating a consistent year-long presence with shareholders, Obata can create the right look and visual communications package for your messages. We created our first annual report in 1956, winning a Gold Award from the St. Louis Art Directors Club the following year. Since then, we’ve designed and produced more than 250 annual reports — and won more than our fair share of awards along the way. Learn more about our annual report design services.

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Sustainability Reporting

Obata designs and produces sustainability reports for a number of companies that follow frameworks such as Global Report Initiative (GRI), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) as well as other more basic reports. Currently, most of the published sustainability reports we produce are interactive PDFs, and/or microsites which reside on a company’s website. Learn more about our sustainability report design services.

Employee Communications

Obata designs employee communications programs and campaigns that can inspire and rally employees around your strategic priorities. We can help you drive employee recruitment, and educate your workforce around strategic company initiatives. Through integrated campaigns and other ongoing print and digital marketing communications, our team can help you grow employee awareness and engagement.

Read how we revamped one company’s mission, vision and values statements to move their business culture forward.

Read how we named, branded and created the support materials to successfully launch a employee communications app.

Strategic Communications

Obata offers creative and production support for other key strategic communications. We have built advocacy campaigns for strategic business initiatives and corporate image building campaigns often associated with company milestone achievements.

Learn we created a memorable milestone through branding a corporate anniversary.

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What Our Clients Say

I leaned on Obata’s expertise and knowledge of our business to help get us to the finish line. I appreciate Obata’s experience, ideas, responsiveness and quick turnarounds.

Director of Corporate Communications with a Fortune 500 Company

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