Sustainability Report Portfolio

Corporate Reporting

sustainability report example
Champlain Investment Partners / 2021-2022 Sustainability Report
DE 2020 Sustainability report and microsite
Duke Energy / 2020 Sustainability Report & Microsite
sustainability report example
The Doe Run Company / 2021 Sustainability Report Website
sustainability report example
The Doe Run Company / 2013 Sustainability Report
sustainability report example
Duke Energy / 2017 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report Design Portfolio

OBATA has produced sustainability and corporate responsibility reports for more than 15 years. We’ve produced reports for:

At OBATA, we take pride in our corporate reporting capabilities, which extend beyond sustainability reporting. Our expertise also includes annual reporting, proxy design, and investor communications. We know it’s important to communicate a company’s values and achievements to stakeholders. We’re dedicated to helping our clients reach their reporting goals.

To find out how OBATA can help your company communicate its ESG initiatives and sustainability efforts, click the link below. We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you position your company as a leader in sustainability.