Marketing Communications

Obata is a St. Louis based marketing communications agency with a focus on branding and website design. Whether you want to drive awareness or increase engagement, Obata helps brands to build trust, legitimacy and loyalty through traditional and digital marketing communications. And more importantly, successfully guide clients towards achieving their goals.

Marketing communications are always evolving and so are the skill sets and tools needed to research, plan, create, implement and measure your communications successfully. We are adept at both outbound and inbound marketing communications.

Obata’s marketing communications services include digital marketing, integrated campaigns, environmental design, and marketing support materials. We integrate our other services — brand and identitydigital and websites, video and photo — to maximize your marketing reach, budget and schedule.

Whether you’re building your brand, growing your business or just need marketing creative support, Obata is the perfect extension to your team.

Areas where we specialize:

Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing is the most important aspect of digital marketing communications as it allows you to attract customers who consider your content, product or service relevant to them. Obata’s certified digital marketing team can help you develop an overall digital marketing strategy, set clear and actionable objectives and measurable KPIs as well as the key research activities that guide channel selection and messaging. We also develop a creative strategy based on research and implement it to engage your audience and deliver on campaign goals.

Integrated Campaigns

Building successful integrated campaigns combines both inbound and outbound marketing across multiple channels in order to promote a consistent message to your audience. The benefits of a 360 marketing communications campaign: it covers your entire buyer’s journey, uses every point of contact, optimizes for scale and relevance and implements both traditional and digital marketing. For example, we’ve created internal campaigns to educate employees about new company strategic initiatives, as well as image and external advocacy campaigns to improve brand perceptions.

RGAx campaign

Environmental Design

Obata understands the power and role that environmental design can play on driving awareness and/or reinforcing your brand. Our environmental design experience ranges from trade show exhibits, bus wraps, corporate displays, to signage and wayfinding systems.

Support Materials

Always brand conscious, our team creates marketing communications support materials to align with your brand and visual voice. Implementing these assets are often guided by tools such as a company’s brand guidelines. Where no guidelines exist, we can develop them to guide the creation of future traditional or digital communications’ materials. From sales support materials, such as sell sheets and brochures to presentation materials, templates and direct mail, our team excels at extending your brand reach effectively and efficiently.

Cirium materials
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